Dental Care Services at Village Dental

We deliver comprehensive personal oral health services using a wide range of high tech diagnostic tools and provide exceptional preventative, restorative and aesthetic therapy. Our new state of the art, spacious facility is conveniently located at Lake Monticello with plenty of parking right at the front door. With 4,000 sq ft that includes 8 operatories, a private lab, sterilization area and reception area, we are established to provide advanced services in a comfortable setting..

New patients are always welcome as well as emergency visits. We accept and work with the majority of Insurance Companies. Call us for an appointment, we look forward to meeting you!
Digital Imaging
Through the use of modern digital imaging we are able to diagnose and detect oral disease. Our office utilizes both digital radiographs (x-rays) and digital photography. By having imaging available in a digital format, we can obtain information much more quickly than previously possible with film based technology. Also, with these images presented on a large computer monitor, the patient is able to see along with the dentist any problem areas that may be present.
TMJ Disorders
The TMJ is the name for the joint that allows the lower jaw to move. Symptoms in this area can include pain, tenderness, and even chronic headaches. Left untreated, these problems can disrupt normal activities, diet, and cause damage to the joint itself. We are able to offer several treatment options for this disorder including bite adjustment, splint therapy, or night guards. With TMJ disorders, no one treatment provides relief to everyone, so careful assessment and diagnosis is needed to obtain successful treatment.
VELscope Oral Cancer Screening

The detection of oral cancer has recently been advanced by the development of a device know as VELscope. Prior to this, the only tools to screen for oral cancer were the naked eye or messy rinses that aided detection by staining oral tissues. VELscope allows better detection than the eye alone and does not require swishing with the staining rinses. In fact, not only is the device effective in detection of possible cancerous areas, it has been approved for use during oral cancer surgery to aid in verification that all affected areas have been removed. A recent study found that oral cancer surgery guided by VELscope had ZERO recurrence as compared to a 32% rate of recurrence for surgery done without it.

Oral Disease Prevention

Detection, prevention, and education regarding oral disease is absolutely essential to maintaining teeth for a lifetime. Each new patient visit begins with an examination that includes x-ray imaging, peridontal (gum) and tooth evaluation, and overall assessment of the entire oral cavity and it's structures. An individualized treatment plan is designed for each patient based on their particular needs. However, the focus is always on restoring health to the mouth and educating our patients on ways to maintain great oral hygiene.

Children's Dentistry

Treatment for children is a large part of our practice. The first step for any young patient is to have a complete examination and dental cleaning. It is important that the patient feels at ease in an unfamiliar setting and a positive first visit is critical to start a child on a path of good dental care. For this reason, we set up early morning appointments for our first time patients when they are most rested and alert. This allows us to help them relax, answer any questions that the child or parent may have, and discuss the importance of good dental care at home.

Restorative Services

Village Dental offers a full array of services to restore the health, function, and appearance of your teeth. These include fillings, inlays, onlays, and crowns to restore single teeth. We also offer implant, bridge and partial denture treatment to replace missing teeth. We use modern, esthetic materials to achieve these results. Tooth colored filling materials and porcelain crowns are placed wherever possible to provide our patients with treatments that are not only functional, but cosmetically pleasing.